Name: FECHAC Institutional Headquarters
Location: México
Year: 2010

Reception area, offices, meeting rooms, library, business center, lounge area, patio-multipurpose terrace, storage and service area, parking for 100 vehicles.

The Foundation, a leading institution for channeling national efforts towards business support and social development, after many years of work and growth, has decided to build its own headquarters

It states that its headquarters must be a reference for quality rather than banal attractiveness. It requires a building that reflects its identity by means of a contemporary architectural language to convey its values: common good, solidarity, subsidiarity, giving. Its location, in an extreme climate, will inevitably mark its formal characteristics.

The aim is to create a landmark for the city, which is reflected in the quality of its workmanship, and not only in shapes guided by fashion, along with a unitary language of sobriety, that will make its corporate identity image to be recognizable..

A building that is respectful of the nature and the urban environment. One that in its "dual" image combines the entrepreneurial nature of its benefactors and its vocation of service to the community. In other words, besides the image of solidity, solvency and institutional efficiency, one that transmits a sense of responsiveness, transparency, clearness and openness; provides shelter and shade efficiently, maintaining the balance and sustainability criteria; and, fulfilling the above, constitutes a valuable gift to the community
Thus, the interior, open and extended to the outside thanks to its elongated protective roof, will be beautifully complemented with the roof-square in the outside, which will allow to bring users together, converting the building into a new outstanding public space. The "spatial continuity" in the extreme.

Finally, the versatility of its spaces will allow and facilitate multiple foreseen activities. Its "green heart", consisting of a patio-terrace, will also invigorate and give spatial and environmental quality to the interior of the building.